Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Update on Mrs. E's Office

While patience is a virtue, I'm dying for the rest of the accessories (rugs, bookshelf etc.) to arrive for Mrs. E's office. Here is a quick update on how things are coming along. Because the lighting in the office changes throughout the day, the original paint color selection wasn't quite what she was looking for. After trying out a couple of colors on the wall we found one that was perfect, "Stone Hearth" from Benjamin Moore.

Next we had the ceiling painted white, which brightened things up.

Then I had my carpenter/handyman Jon add white crown molding around the top of the ceiling and a special molding treatment on the wall.

 Mrs. E's office has a beautiful arch window that we also trimmed out in white. WOW, what a difference the molding made in the room. It literally took my breath away when I saw the molding complete for the first time.
Mrs. E needed a substantial computer desk with lots of storage to work in this space. After going back and forth between having custom cabinetry built or buying one that was already complete, she ultimately decided to go with Pottery Barn's Logan wall system. It was finally (after being back ordered for a several weeks) delivered, and assembled. YAY!!!
It fits the space perfectly and looks great with the wall color.  Now the fun part of adding color to the space. The first task was finding a gorgeous office chair that would add some of the color we were looking for. Because the back of the chair would be what most people see, we decided to try to find a chair that had a great print on the back. After looking at several choices she went with the Maxine dining chair in the Atlantic floral print.

Here are some more pictures of this beautiful desk. I can't wait to do a final reveal for this gorgeous, classic, take your breath away office space. Stay tuned.....

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