Sunday, April 20, 2014

Porch Trellis Chair

I've had my Porch Trellis Chair for many years and friends who see it, love it, have threatened to steal it off my porch or have begged me to make one for them. I was surprised when I received an overwhelming support for three chairs I made for a Scout Fundraiser Auction. Once I actually replicated it, I couldn't believe how inexpensive it was to make, how easy it was to put together and how fun, unique, and versatile you can decorate/embellish it.

Here is a material list, steps, and tips for the Trellis Porch Chair

Materials                     2- dog eared cedar fence slats
4- Straight edge cedar fence slats     TIP: (total cost of the wood $10.00)
Box of 1” nails
Miter saw    TIP: (Can be cut in a home improvement store if you don’t have a saw)

1.   Build the back structure of the Chair.
-Cut the 2 Dog Eared fence slats 56” long
-Cut 5 -12” boards
-Lay the Dog Eared boards side by side
-Attach one of the 12” boards 3” from the bottom, connecting both of the Dog Eared boards.

-Starting 8” from the top of the Dog Eared boards, place 4 - 12” boards every 4”.

The back of the chair should look like this when complete.

Building the Front Legs of the Chair
-For the Front legs cut 2-17” boards.
-Then cut 2-12” boards
- Attach support pieces for the front legs by, placing the 17” boards side by side, and attach them together using a 12” board at the top of the 17” boards.
-Next attach a 1- 12” board 3” from the bottom.

Attaching the sides.
-Lay both the back structure and the front structure on its sides and attach support slats by cutting 4- 12” boards.
-Line up 1- 12” cut board with the bottom board on both the front and the back legs as shown

-Next line up 1- 12” board with the top board on the front of the chair as  shown.

         -Turn the chair over on the other side and repeat the same process.

Attaching the Seat
        -Cut 4- 15” boards
        -Take one of the 15” boards and cut it down the middle length wise.
-Attach the boards to the seat of the chair starting with the split 15” board. Next add the other 3- 15” boards. It should look like this.

Now the fun part, to give the chair a weathered reclaimed look; first randomly pick select spots to dry brush with grey paint.  Next, give the chair an allover coat with your favorite wood stain or glaze. I will usually l miss a few spots here and there with the stain to give the chair a worn look.

To Stencil, (you can create your own stencil using card stock and a Silhouette or Cricket Machine, or trace anything with a circle shape and cut it out yourself.) dry brush with white paint and let dry. Once the paint has dried, I go over the whole chair with a palm sander to complete the look.
Now to decorate the chair, I love to use garlands, wreaths, signs, small chalkboards, flower pots, bunting banners ect.) as shown here.  ENJOY!!


  1. Darling I have to try this, Thank you for sharing!

  2. Saw you on Studio 5. You did great! I can't wait to make this project.

  3. Saw you on Studio 5, you did great. I can't wait to make this. Thanks for sharing!