Friday, September 16, 2016

Featured on Studio 5 "Self Serve Movie Concession Stand"

I had a wonderful time today featuring my "Self Serve Movie Concession Stand" on Studio 5. This is a project that I saw on Pinterest and it immediately caught my eye. I followed the instructions on how to assemble it from a cute blog found here.

We love our family movie nights, but we a have a procedure or protocol that goes with it. One person is in charge of picking out the movie, someone else pops the popcorn, eventually we all end up in the pantry picking out our favorite treats. This idea makes having our treats ready to go and possibly the one of the coolest houses on the block!

I first started with an open picture frame that was 20x24, purchased at Hobby Lobby(when they were 50% off). Next I went to Lowes and purchased a sheet of peg board. They sell a 4x4 sheet of peg board for around $10, but what I love is that they cut it to size for me, so there was no mess and cutting at home.

Then I bought my old stand by... $1 can of spray paint ( also found at Lowes) in flat black and painted the peg board to match the frame.

After the paint had dried I used a "Liquid Nails" product called Clear Seal to adhere the pegboard to the frame. I let it dry over night.

I found a great deal on Amazon for 4" plastic black pegs. The 4" pegs hold multiple boxes of candy, and was a perfect fit.

I worked out the spacing on my 20x24 peg board to fit 14 different kinds of candy boxes.

For the grand finale, or icing on the cake you could say, I wanted to include some type of concession sign above the candy board. I found three that I liked... The first one shown below on the left is one I purchased from Amazon. I like that it has a chalkboard surface that you can customize with chalk, chalk markers or I used vinyl, and that can easily be peeled off if you want to change it.  The second more vintage sign was purchased at Hobby Lobby.

The one that was voted our family favorite is actually "Heidi Swapp's Light box" It is battery operated and has two notches on the back for hanging. Also, it has an on and off switch so it can be turned on and off easily. I use vinyl and applied it directly to the light box to personalize it. I think the light up feature is what put it over the top.

The kids love our Concession Stand, and I have to admit, I love how cute it turned out. It was definitely one of the easier DIY's I've done. Thanks to Studio 5 and Brooke Walker for having me on the show....and to my sister Maria who's always been my wingman.

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