Sunday, July 27, 2014

Thrift store finds....

I was on the hunt for a side table for my new couch in my family room. As I started looking in stores and online, I couldn't find anything that stood out or was unique enough for the budget I was working with. On a afternoon field trip with my girls to a local thrift shop I discovered this amazing (well maybe amazing with a little TLC) magazine table.
It needed a good scrubbing down with a Clorox wipe, and the top was a mess, but with a few reclaimed fence slats and some gold spray paint I knew this was the perfect solution for my side table.
-First I had my handy/hot hubby remove the top from the base.

-then I pried the wheels off the bottom and sprayed the metal part gold.

-next I gave the metal bottom part of the table a good dose of gold spray paint as well. The transformation from drab to fab was instant.

-For the top I used some salvaged fence slats that my brother in law had saved for me when they tore down an old fence on his property. I cut them to fit the table top and then attached then with my nail gun.

Then I just reassembled the table by snapping the wheels back in place and screwing the top back on to the metal base. 

Ta-Da!!! I love this side table. The shape and size is perfect. I also love that it's a one of a kind. Here are a few more pics...

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  1. That side table is awesome, what a great find! And love the transformation with the gold and reclaimed wood!