Thursday, April 16, 2015

Featured on Studio 5 "Vertical Pallet Garden"

 Studio 5 today

I've seen several pins and even a cool facebook picture where people have created pallet gardens.

What appeals to me most about this project is, the way to grow a few select herbs, veggies and succulents without having to dig up my yard. I also love the artistic nature, texture and color the vertical pallet garden adds to your patio setting.

This project is relatively easy..... Find a pallet that needs a good home. I found mine at a construction site. Be choosy, meaning look for one that that has the right thickness. I wanted mine to be fairly narrow so it wouldn't take a lot of plants to fill it up and look full.

The next step is to determine how many plant shelves you want. These are the pallet boards you're going to leave in tact. I removed every two boards, on both sides, to ensure the planting shelves I kept were deep enough for the roots of the plants I chose to grow.

Now the pallet boards that you remove will need to be cut to fit underneath the remaining boards. After cutting the boards use your drill to make holes so the water can drain from the plants, and then attach with a nail gun. You could also attach them with nails, screws or wood glue. If you use nails or screws be sure to drill a pilot hole so the pallet wood doesn't split.
(Bottom of the plant shelf)

Last but not least, to make my pallet a little sturdier and not so tipsy, I added two slats of wood for feet nailed to the bottom of the Vertical Pallet Garden.

Now you're ready to fill up your planter boxes. I headed to my local greenhouse/nursery called "Clinton Nursery". I explained what my project was and the dimensions I needed to fill. I was very impressed with the wonderful customer service I received! I was given great advice on what plants would work, as well as great ideas I'd never thought of. My herb garden quickly took shape and because Clinton Nursery's selection was so great, I also added succulents, and cilantro, and jalapenos for a salsa garden.  Clinton Nursery has also offered to give all customers who mentioned Studio 5 a discount at check out. Be sure to stop by and see what they have to offer for your own Vertical Pallet Garden.

 Here is their address and #
1071 N 2000 W Clinton UT 801-825-3018

Once my plants were situated in the planter boxes, I decided to add a faux chalkboard look to label what I'd planted. To accomplish this I went to Home Depot and bought a 2x4 sheet of chalkboard.
This is such a time saver! I had a worker cut the chalkboard to the dimensions of the front of each pallet garden box. To attach the chalk board, I drilled 2 small holes into the top left and right corners of each chalkboard piece. Then I used small hooks that screw right into the pallet wood to hang the chalk board piece. 

Finally to give it a faux chalkboard look without using chalk, (that could run or smudge if wet,) I used my vinyl cutter, and cut the labels out of white vinyl. I love this look! Whats great about using vinyl is that it's long lasting, but removable if you decide to plant something else.

This fun, easy and useful garden project took me one afternoon, and I'm in love. Go ahead and make your own beautiful vertical pallet garden to enjoy. 

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