Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Featured on Studio 5 "Tree Slice" holiday ideas

Today West Creek Design was featured on Studio 5, showcasing great ideas to add rustic warm charm into your holiday decor with wood slices or tree discs.

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Now on to great ideas for your holiday decor using regular old wood slices. I first discovered this darling wood slice wreath.

found here on Pinterest. 

I knew it would be a great transitional wreath for fall all the way until Thanksgiving.  As I gathered the supplies, I found all the wood I needed piled up next to my Mother-in-law's shed. With her permission I grabbed as much wood as I could and knew that I couldn't stop at just the wreath.

I used my miter saw to cut the wood slices. You have to be so careful while your cutting the wood. Having knots in the wood and different thicknesses can sometimes cause the miter saw to grab the wood and throw it, or cause your hand to slide into the blade. ALWAYS clamp the wood so that it's completely secure and won't move on you when you're making the cuts with the miter saw. 

If by chance you don't have access to a wood pile or a miter saw, you can purchase wood slices on both Amazon or Etsy. I was able to grab some wood slices from Rustic Wedding Supply via Amazon here. I was very happy with the wood slices and the shipping was great. There are many other vendors and options available online. I also ordered biodegradable craft rings here via Amazon, for the base of the wreath. These are compressed MDF like material that the wood slices adhere to really well with the Gorilla wood glue. The wreath was extremely easy to put together as shown on the Studio 5 segment.

Once I had all the wood sliced, ideas poured into my head.  I loved taking each individual wood slice and stamping it with snow flakes, drilling a hole in the top and tying it with jute for Christmas ornaments.

I also made coasters with the individual wood slices stenciling numbers on, and then covering the coasters with polyurethane to seal the wood.

One of my favorite ideas was to make place card holders. I took the wood branch and instead of cutting small slices, I cut chunky ones, and then used a dremel saw to cut a deep line across the top of each piece of the chunky wood slice. I love the rustic element this adds to a a table setting.

A great neighbor gift for the holidays are these adorable push pins. I took a small branch and cut baby wood slices out of it with my miter saw. I then took a small finishing nail that was twice as wide as the wood slice and pounded the nail all the way through so that the sharp edge stuck out on the other side....tada a wood slice push pin.

I found a great chunky wood slice at Hobby Lobby. I took a drill bit and drilled a hole in the middle of the wood slice. I then took my jig saw and went from the hole I made in the middle of the wood slice and hollowed out a circle to make a wreath shape. I took a palm sander and sanded the middle so that it was smooth. This gave it the wreath shape. I decided to spice things up and paint the inside of the wreath gold and a small edge of the outside circle. I finished it off by hanging it with a burlap ribbon. This is one of my favorite projects using a wood slice.

Without the middle cut, this wood slice makes an excellent staging piece. Whether it's for a center piece or as a plate charger. I love the possibilities of the texture and height it can give.

Also using store bought wood slices, I applied orange craft paint to the middle and then used a paint stir stick as a stem to turn them into a pumpkin collage.

I very excited about the stocking holders made from a chunky log. I used a small branch and clipped off the stems for the stocking holder hooks. This was so simple to make but will have a huge impact on my mantel this holiday season.

Thanks again to Studio 5 and Kendalljane Boutique for hosting West Creek Design and this fabulous segment. I hope you're as excited as I am for the upcoming holidays. If there is any interior design or staging needs that you might have, West Creek Design would love to help. Contact me at westcreekdesign@gmail.com.

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